Day: September 29, 2016

Very often travellers making a mistake choosing a wrong restaurant traveling in Tenerife. As the tour organizer and private tours guide I can suggest to follow a few basic rules to avoid mistake and to have a really good meal in Tenerife:


  1. Avoid ANY restaurant in the Teide National Park and Masca village. These places are extremely popular among tourists and usually a restaurant see a customer just once, so as the consequence the quality of food and the service level is rather low, if not extremely low. And overpriced.
  2. Look where local people are eating. If there are mainly local people in a restaurant, it is a kind of guarantee the food is tasty, prices are okay.
  3. Generally (but not always) try to avoid restaurants right on the first line by the beach.


If you follow these  rules, it is sure, you will enjoy tasty meal for a reasonable price and will keep a good memories about the island.