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VIP Private Wine Tour in Tenerife

The island of Tenerife with hundreds years of wine production traditions is an ideal destination to discover local wines in different corners of Tenerife.

Actually Tenerife Host preparing our VIP Wine Tour schedule and details to put the tour to our VIP private tours offer and make the tour available both for tourists living in the island resorts as well as for travellers coming with cruise ships to Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

During the tour we will visit both vineyards and wine houses, museums of local wines, having at least 3 different wine degustations and a lunch tasting local island’s dishes in a incredibly beautiful place with a scenic views of the island of Tenerife.

Tenerife Host plans to make our new VIP Private Wine Tour in Tenerife available to book starting from December 2016.

To book the VIP Private Wine Tour in Tenerife, please, use the contact form at Tenerife Host official website.

Very often travellers making a mistake choosing a wrong restaurant traveling in Tenerife. As the tour organizer and private tours guide I can suggest to follow a few basic rules to avoid mistake and to have a really good meal in Tenerife:


  1. Avoid ANY restaurant in the Teide National Park and Masca village. These places are extremely popular among tourists and usually a restaurant see a customer just once, so as the consequence the quality of food and the service level is rather low, if not extremely low. And overpriced.
  2. Look where local people are eating. If there are mainly local people in a restaurant, it is a kind of guarantee the food is tasty, prices are okay.
  3. Generally (but not always) try to avoid restaurants right on the first line by the beach.


If you follow these  rules, it is sure, you will enjoy tasty meal for a reasonable price and will keep a good memories about the island.

Tenerife Host offers private shore excursions by coach for groups from cruise ships in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. This is better alternative for standard bus tours, if you have a group of friends or families and wish to go in a private group from 8 to 70 people. That means you will get the bus and one of our best guides exclusively for your group, no matter what’s the size of the group.


Generally you can choose a 6 hour long private sightseeing tour to the heart of the island of Tenerife – Teide Volcano and National Park.

If you are interested to see how different the island is on every part, we’ll recommend you to do 8 hour long private sightseeing tour – shore excursion to visit not just volacano and Teide National Park, but also Masca village, hidden in the beautiful Teno Mountains; Garachico – cozy town which was first capital and the most important trade harbour of Tenerife three centuries ago until it was destroyed by huge volcano eruption; the historical center of Icod de Los Vinos – the town where you will see the oldest Dragon Tree in the world.

This private shore excursion by coach for groups from cruise ships in Santa Cruz de Tenerife is a perfect mix of nature and history of the island.


If you have your own ideas about the places you wish to visit and things to do during your day stop in Tenerife, we can plan the individual tour especially for your group.


To book your private shore excursions by coach for a group from cruise ships in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, please, send us your Booking Message with dated, times and group details.

If you are looking for a romantic and beautiful VIP private tour in Tenerife, Tenerife Host recommend you the private Sunset Tour with possibility to extend for a Stargazing by the foot of the Teide Volcano.


We will pick you up by limousine (if 1-4 people in your group) or by mini-bus (if 4 to 7 people) and we will go all the way upward to the heart of the island on altitude over 2000m. By the way we will visit Vilaflor – the highest village in Spain, we will crose all the Teide National Park, doing stops in the most spectacular points and finally we will reach a very special point to observe probably the most beautiful sunset you ever saw in  your life.

After the sunset optionally we can extend the tour for Stargazing what’s the next amazing experience since the Teide is one of just a few places in the world where you can see so magically starry skies.

To book the tour, send us your Booking Message through our official website.

This video showing perfectly the scenery of the tour: Beyond the Volcano

If you’d like to see what’s Tenerife and what you can do here, you’re welcome to our YouTube channel – Tenerife Host Excursions – there you’ll find a lot of videos and we are constantly uploading new ones.

You’re welcome to our blog where time to time we publish ideas and things to do in Tenerife. And all these things you will find at our official website.

It is a good combination to take a relaxing boat trip in Tenerife after discovering the island with a private tour. Tenerife Host offers a wide range of tested and boat trips and charters and we offer you only the best ones.

It is good idea to read a bit more about the island before you go to visit Tenerife, so will have imagination how special the island is and your can choose the right private tour in Tenerife for you. Even, if you are not sure you want to visit Anaga or Teide National Park, or maybe Teno Mountains, you can always write us, explaining your ideas and we will help you to choose the appropriate private tour in Tenerife.

A lot of people does’t realise they will have to wait 1-2 hours in a long queue for Teleferico Cable Car to go almost to the top of the Mount Teide. That’s because almost every active alive tourist, exempt sea lions spending vacations by swimming pools, WANT to be there.

Good news is that there’s a solution to pass the queue!

All what you have to do is to visit Tenerife Host office before your trip to Teide National Park, especially, if you are going with cheap bus tour or by rented car. We will provide you with priority tickets to Teleferico which will give you the right to skip the queue. It will cost the same price, but you will save your time and nerves.

Our VIP Customers going to the Teide National Park with a private tour do not need to worry or visit our office – just tell us before the private tour starts and your personal guide-driver will bring Teleferico priority tickets to the tour.

Hi People,

We have a lot of experience doing tours in Tenerife and I just want to warn people with easy coming seasick problem to think twice before choosing a private tour way through the Teide National Park, Anaga Mountains and Teno Mountains. Roads there are extremely  curvy and in addition, especially with Teide case, you will start a private excursion at the sea level and then just within 1-2 hours will be wandering incredible landscapes at the altitude of 1000-2300m! That’s high, really hight! And that’s influencing for about 30% of people.

Good news is that in every pharmacy you can buy a pills with caffein against the seasick. Why with coffin? Because they wouldn’t make you sleeping and you will feel good all the tour in Tenerife.

So, all you have to do is:

  1. Buy the pills in a pharmacy
  2. Take pills at least 2 hours BEFORE your private sightseeing tour in Tenerife will start.